On Sunday Movies: The Lunchbox

If you are looking for a quiet romantic movie this afternoon let me suggest the Indian movie The Lunchbox. I love a subtle and classic romance and the The Lunchbox delivers. mv5bmtuwmzc1njizmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwoduymtixmte-_v1_sy317_cr00214317_al_

The movie takes place in Mumbai, India. They have this insane lunchbox system where the wives prepare lunch for their husbands and a courier collects it and drops it off at the husbands place of work everyday. It sounds simple but the magnitude of lunch boxes and the hustle through the Indian streets looks chaotic but supposedly it is one of the best run courier systems in the world and never make mistakes. However, this one time a lunchbox is delivered to the wrong person.

Ila, a young housewife, carefully and lovingly prepares lunch for her husband who is distant and cold, barely notices. Saajan, a retiring cranky widower benefits from the courier mistakes. They start up a dialogue through small notes. As simple as the notes are they are very revealing and comforting to the other. It is that simplicity which makes the movie so heartwarming and charming. I feel the excited expectation Saajan and Ila feel when they sit down and read the others entry on their life. I am rooting for them as anyone would when love comes not from physical attraction but through a connection of the soul. They tell each other things they are barely able to confess to themselves. I totally get this, it is comforting to have someone in the world understand you when you are fearful of being misunderstood and judged from the people around your day to day life. It is that aspect which I love in the movie. In this day we have lost the art of letter writing but there are many emails and texts that serve the same purpose of a note in a lunchbox. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it, right up to the screen went black.

It is a worthy Sunday afternoon movie for the old romantics out there!

On Televison: Mara Brock Akil & MJ

Black television has changed drastically the last five years and African American women writers are leading the way. Black women on TV are no longer the loud obnoxious here’s-my-shoulder-to-cry-on side-kick to the leading white actress. We are holding down our own stories and killing the fashion game cuz yes, we do rock and Mara Brock Akil is using her pen to to make our Tuesday nights Mary Jane fabulous.

I have to admit I can sometimes be a huge BET snob but Being Mary Jane has me tuning in every week. I stay up late for Being Mary Jane because when I watch the show I see so much of my girlfriends and myself in the characters, whether they want to admit it or not.

This is BMJ’s third season and after every show I am singing Mara’s praises. The dialogue is so us, the drama is so us, and the realness is so us. Like last season when she tackled the Ugly Black Woman (Netflix has season two catch it if you haven’t already)72bd8628494475-55c2b276e1ab9

Mara is tackling the unspoken issue of sex abuse, depression, interracial relationships (or hookups)and suicide and we are only five episodes into the season.

The absolute best thing I love about BMJ is Mara unveils real black women and our relationships with one each other. Girlfriend relationships can be up and down, toxic and healthy, crazy and uplifting but what most of them are not are like the insane relationships we see on reality television shows (I’m eyeing every black woman who stooped low to throw a wine glass at a so-called girlfriend). Last week when MJ’s friend producer came to her crying after midnight because life and family had gotten out of control for her and asked MJ to make her some homemade brownies and MJ did…my sista, my sista!! I know a lot of you know you have one friend like that. I would talk isht but I’m making the damn brownies. Mara shows us how much we as women depend on each other as anchors, as pillars, as conscience. We have our men, we have our children but there is nothing like having that ride or die chick.

We have quite a few shows we can choose from on television these days and I say watch all of them but please don’t forget Being Mary Jane on BET


On Sunday: Reflection

I don’t know if the world will ever be free of evil.  Evil comes in so many forms and is played out in so many actions. Evil is the attack on Kenya, Beirut, and Paris. Evil is the fight against the poor and the needy. It is the belief that one group is superior than all others. Evil is the belief that one religion should be the religion of all. Evil is slaughtering families, communities, and whole cities for one ideology. It is the belief that one way is the only way. Evil is calling kids nigger on college campuses. It is burning crosses. Evil escapes our finger tips as we type and taunt the most hateful messages to others and say it is our freedom to do so. Evil is the message that All Lives Matter except when their is melanin in the skin and you’re a twelve year old boy playing in the park alone. Evil is choosing who is to be protected and who is not. Evil is rape, sexual molestation and slavery. It is domestic violence and police brutality. It is denying a job because you don’t approve of their name, their skin, or gender. Evil is all around us in many forms and played out in many actions.


I don’t know if the world will ever be free of evil but I do know we are the worst of children because we still don’t know how to coexist without trying to destroy the other. The planet is ours and it is huge and there is enough room for people who don’t look like you, don’t think like you, nor share your same spiritual beliefs.

I don’t know if the world will ever be free of evil, it’s been a ongoing battle for centuries and here we are still fighting it. We have to still keep fighting it and maybe one day…*sigh* maybe one day…

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

On Hair: When Its Cold Outside

It is no secret the winter months, especially in the northeast of the county can and will wreak havoc on our hair. We, and by we I mean ME, must be diligent in making sure we go the extra distance to keep our hair moisturized. A month into the Fall weather and I’m not doing so great.

My hair needs a little bit of TLC. I have been pretty busy and honestly working from home I have to give myself a big push to prep and style my hair everyday. Pulling it back, braiding it in two cornrows and throwing on a hat is not conducive to well moisturized tresses. Today I aim to be more diligent.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize– Is that always the first thing every natural hair blogger says you should do? I’m a natural hair blogger follower so I listen, except when I’m being lazy. I try and live by the LOC method- Leave In Conditioner/Liquid, Oil, and Cream.  Currently I am obsessive over Camille Rose products. Her products are wonderful, I can’t help but support her story as a black woman owned business, and I can buy them at my favorite place in the world Target.

Because I’m also obsessed with anything that says coconut, oil or water, I’m trying out the CR Coconut Water Leave-In.t If its like the other CR products I currently own I will no doubt be happy with it but I’ll let you know.

I’m not picky about my coconut oil as long as it is organic virgin and has a sight nutty smell that makes me think of beaches and cool waters.

I use the curlaide as my butter and it works phenomenal on my braid outs. When I run out of this stuff it I can definitely tell the difference in my hair. For me this method works well when I’m consistent. Throughout the week I do have to spray my ends and seal with oil, it is the driest part of my hair and sometimes I really am careless with it.

I do need to up my deep conditioner game.  I was using the CR algae deep conditioner but since I ran out I have been using shea moisture. I add a little honey to it. I will probably do one this week because I know my tresses are parched and suffering.

I was told to invest in a humidifier for the winter months. Humidifier will keep the dry air moisturized when I have the heat cranked up to eighty.  Sounds perfectly logical to me and it feeds the product junkie monster.

I would love to hear back from my natural sistas as to what you do to keep your hair from being a fail in the winter.

Humidifier or Hair steamer?

Hair Crush Right now- naptural85. The absolute awesomeness of this picture gives me life. The hair and makeup is everything. I wish I could pull this off but I know better!

On Melancholy Sundays: Hello November

I hope I never stop…

Dreaming big
Loving Superhero movies
Laugh at someone falling
kissing madly & passionately
Eating swedish fish
loving summer nights
potato chips and wine
girls night
date night
cocktails with him
dressing fabulously
open minded
dying my hair
fall in love really hard even if I’m already in love with the person
trying to decorate like I work for HGTV
french fries
learning to speak French
trying to beat that tummy fat
I never want to give up hoping…wishing…working…writing…

I will forever be in the spring of my youth no matter how many season pass



On Halloween: Just Chill

We are forgoing the night out and have opted to eat, drink, watch Hulu/Netflix and chill

First up Enfield Haunting and then catch up on American Horror Story!

Enjoy the night vampires, ghouls and superheroes!