On Movies: Top Ten Characters of All Time

Seriously, can there be a tougher question? After reading Empire mags top ten characters of all time, courtesy of Crushing Film blog, I have been banging my head trying to narrow down the characters I love. Now Empire’s list is truly a guys list as well as CrushingFilm’s Blog. My list will  be a bit more insightful because I’m a woman…hahahaha! Just kidding

10.Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) -New Jack City. There will probably be a lot of bad men on this list because bad guys make movies. PERIOD. Nino Brown was the gangster you love to hate, like Robert DeNiro’s Al Capone.

9. Alex Forrest (Glenn Close)- Fatal Attraction. Character who can’t be ignored.

8. Jules Winfield (Samuel L. Jackson) Pulp Fiction. Because why not motherfucker

7. James Bond (Daniel Craig) SkyFall. He is the best James Bond in my lifetime. I’m crushing a little too hard

6.Darth Vader (David Prowse) But I’m all in for James Earl Jones Voice. I wanted to date him…mask and all. I actually had the Imperial March as my ringtone for a time but my kids shamed me out of it.

5. Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) Tropic Thunder. A fan since Less than Zero but this role is the most hilarious.

4.Tony Montana (Al Pacino) Scarface. This needs explanation? I think not. Put Al on the map

3. Malcolm X (Denzel Washington) X OMG HIS. BEST. ROLE. EVER.  EVERRRRRR!

2. Smoky and Craig (Chris Tucker and Ice Cube) Friday- Can’t have one without the other

1. Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I know a few of you are like WTF? But this is my favorite movie of ALL DAMN TIME. Bette Davis is my favorite actress of ALL DAMN TIME and Joan Crawford is a close second. I love this movie and Baby Jane is the best character EVER

On Abstinence: PSA

I post this public service announcement because I care.

Hey, I don’t care that Bristol Palin is pregnant again. That’s her business but I do care that she and her family are constantly putting others down, criticizing and shaming people for their life choices YET this chick can’t seem to comprehend birth control. I do wonder who the baby daddy is though. #Imjustnoseylikethat

Do yourself a favor Bristol…fade to the background and STFU for about twenty years and tell your moms to STOP questioning  Our President and FLOTUS parenting skills and work on hers.

Bye Felicia…

On Whack Ass Shit: Jurassic World

I was pretty excited to see Jurassic Park because I loved the first one and I think Chris Pratt is a cool dude. It was my intention to see the movie that first weekend but I didn’t have the two hours to spare.  Honestly, I am glad I didn’t rush out to see it because it was just okay. Yes, I am disappointed. I want more from a big action summer blockbuster movie but I didn’t get it with this one.  I spent more time doing the this-is-bullshit-sigh throughout the movie than actually enjoying it.

chris prattSorry Chris Pratt I still think you are a cool dude and you handled your business but Jurassic World SHOULD have been better. The park looked great but the story was just too familiar. The movie relied on a story we’ve seen before, boring characters, and no logic.

Is it just me or is anyone else tired, I mean REALLY FN tired, of over-privileged, whiney-ass, sulking, pouting kids in movies? Not just big action movies like this one but all movies? I mean you get a trip to Costa Rica to a multi-million dollar DINOSAUR PARK and you could be so bothered. Then you have the brother who is so over excited he is running around like a spastic kid on speed that he can’t possibly be enjoying anything. He got on my nerves from scene one. I wanted them both to get eaten right away but in movies that never happens even though I suspect that most of the audience not just me would LOVE it.

the kids

I didn’t even bother to remember their names because their acting sucked too.

Now I have to give it to Bryce Dallas Howard because although she started out annoying as hell as most women are in these kind of movies she totally redeemed herself by running her ass off and not falling once in her low heels. I still wanted her to get eaten especially at the end when she looks up at Chris Pratt and says ‘What do we do now?’bryce

How about get a lawyer because I’m pretty damn sure you will be named in a class action suit in the very near future.

I have to admit the new dinosaur Indominus Rex was pretty cool with the camouflage move in the jungle. That was pretty bad ass. He was a true monster and it’s too bad that everyone who thought it was a good idea to create such a beast got killed because I would have liked to see those motherfuckers dragged off in handcuffs, get sued and end up in prison and to get their sentence reduced they would have to outrun a velociraptor.

I mean really how is this beast a good idea?

Now the climatic fight at the end was good but I made it great in my head.  I love a T-Rex in just about any movie but Jurassic Park made the T-Rex iconic so when it came out to fight pumped up Indominus Rex I gave it a Samuel L. Jackson voiceover.  Imagine a T-Rex with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice? Do it I promise it is the best thing ever…well almost because when the Raptor came out to help Samuel L. Jackson Rex I gave it Joe Pesci’s voice. Cool, right? I was cracking up and no one knew why!

If you have a booming dolby-like sound system in your home I wouldn’t rush out to Jurassic World, it was unimpressive. The story just needed to be stronger and constantly throwing in the same kids who need to be rescued because they don’t fucking listen is boring. Let’s evolve from that.

Maybe the next one will be better. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson will be the voice of the T-Rex…can’t be any worse.

On Anger: Forgiveness in Charleston

There is nothing evil about being angry.
Anger is not hate.
Anger IS be a gift because no wrongs are righted until someone got angry first.
Saying you refuse to be angry will not bring you closer to God.
Anger is not hate and will not bring you closer to hell fire.
There is nothing wrong with defending yourself against an oppressor whether it be an individual, country, or group.
There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that the religion we have been taught by our oppressors is skewed in their favor
There is nothing wrong with refusing to turn the other cheek. Absolutely REFUSING and emphatically declaring loudly that you will not turn the other cheek.
We DO NOT have to wait on justice to be dole out to us but we can collectively work together to bring our justice.

Black lives DO MATTER and there is nothing wrong with being angry when those lives are taken mercilessly.

Never apologize for our RIGHT to life

On Ramadan: Day One-Prayers for S.C.

I was writing a post for my preparations for fasting during the month of Ramadan but my heart is too heavy to finish right now. Today my thoughts and prayers are with South Carolina Emanuel A.M.E. Church. This disturbed me to my core:

The female survivor told Johnson that the gunman reloaded five different times and that her son was trying to “talk him out of doing the act of killing people.”

But he wouldn’t listen, she said.

“You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” the shooter told the group, according to the survivor’s account to Johnson.

Update: He has been captured per MSNBC

On Time: I Wish…

I had more time… 24 hours, 365 Days just doesn’t seem to be enough to do all I want to do.

But I guess I have to work with what I is allotted and get as much done as I can.

Le sigh